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Property Rights Appraisals

With the recent changes that govern private and federal lands, the possibility of a property right dispute is becoming more conceivable.  There are many issues surrounding the ownership of specific property rights and/or water rights that are associated with private and federal lands.

The combined experience of James M. Jones and Mark Finley total over 40 years of experience in the agricultural industry. As a result, Ag Network USA, Inc., Inc. is staffed to complete the most intricate property right appraisals that may occur. Additionally, Ag Network USA, Inc., Inc. has collaborated with nationally known federal-land ranch property right experts such as Dr. Angus McIntosh . We have expert witness experience in Federal Court and are ready to testify in litigation situations.

Ag Network USA, Inc., Inc. has the distinction of being the first appraisal firm to have successfully completed the only federal land property right appraisal that is currently in litigation. This particular appraisal included evaluations of the deeded land, improvements, water rights, forage easements and access easements.

James Jones, ARA, RPRA, and Mark Finley, ARA, RPRA, have the background, professional designations and continuing education to assure the client that he or she has engaged an industry leader competent and knowledgeable of producing a reliable report. Objectivity and credibility are the basis of our reports. James and Mark are experienced in many areas related to agriculture and are further supported by a broad resource base including a vast network of knowledgeable professionals with extensive technical expertise.

We will always provide unequaled service that meets and exceeds our requirements, creating a strong, positive, lasting relationship with our clients. We are an appraisal business made up of people educated and working daily in the agricultural industry.


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