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Property Right Appraisers & Consulting Specialists

ranches for sale, farms for sale, interest rates, agricultural real estate loans, livestock breeders, agricultural supplies, agricultural services, agricultural news, cooperative extension service, agricultural colleges

Agricultural real estate sellers & buyers in today's market require precise information which allows them to make solid business decisions in a timely manner. 

Ag Network USA, Inc. can readily provide this information through our agricultural appraisal service. We have the seasoned experience, market knowledge, as well as the attention to detail which is necessary to provide a clear-cut appraisal. We are on the leading edge of the real-estate market and have the ability to generate comprehensive appraisals based on up-to-date market conditions. These traits allow us to provide a precise, all-inclusive opinion of the current market value of your property. Being an independent fee appraiser means that your reputation is on the line with each and every appraisal that you generate. We are authorities in the farm, ranch, orchard and dairy real estate appraisal trade. We look forward to each assignment, and are confident we can serve your appraisal needs.

Our appraisers are certified according to state and federal guidelines. They must also meet the continuing education guidelines as set forth by the State of New Mexico, the State of Arizona, the State of Texas, as well as other states. Associates of Ag Network USA, Inc. are experts in developing property value for:

  • sellers and buyers of farms, ranches, dairies, orchards/permanent plantings and/or investment properties
  • agents, executors, or trustees handling property of other people
  • attorneys or others needing estate tax values, special use valuations, actual use, alternative tax basis, or gift tax valuations
  • partition of land or valuation of undivided ownership
  • court testimony
  • loan purposes
  • eminent domain (public taking of land)
  • anyone needing an accurate measurement of the value of rural real estate
  • corporate and business dissolutions

For a realistic property value, our appraisers consider the application of the three approaches below, which are consolidated & interpreted in your final appraisal report.

  1. The Cost Approach -- Estimates what it would cost to duplicate the improvements to the property. The appraiser determines the value of improvements based on reproduction cost and accrued depreciated value. This is added to the bare land value.
  2. The Sales Comparison Approach - A specific analysis of recent sales of comparable real estate in the area.
  3. The Income Approach - Provides an in-depth study of rental income and expenses for the area, considering factors such as soil type, and highest and best use of the property.

Ag Network USA, Inc.'s, market includes local and national lending institutions, governmental institutions, attorneys, as well as private individuals. It is our intent to continue our steady growth while providing the variety of services that our customers have come to depend on. Our commitment to our customers often involves contracting with a top-quality team of consultants to meet specialized project demands. Our clients' needs are given utmost priority.

Appraisal Services

  • Appraisal Reviews
  • Consulting-Highest and Best Use Studies
  • Estates
  • Property Valuations
  • Litigation / Expert Testimony
  • Land Use Studies
  • Equipment Valuations

We have the capabilities to produce Complete and Limited Appraisals in a Self-Contained, Summary, or Restricted Use appraisal report format according to the needs of our clients. Our reports conform to the requirements of government agencies, lending institutions, courts, clients, The Appraisal Foundation, under the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). This is done through full narrative or form reports to best serve the client's needs and level of documentation desired. With our background, experience, and education in the appraisal field, we will continue to offer comprehensive appraisal and consultation services. As members of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, we adhere to the highest ethical standards in the appraisal industry.

The following pages include our real estate appraisal specialties, a partial list of clients, the professional designations of our appraisers, and a summary of the qualifications of the individuals of our appraisal organization.


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